New Release

Kind of Everything

Hamburg Violin

The most ear-grabbing number on Jeff Talmadge’s new album, Kind of Everything, is “Sometimes You Choose Love,” bouncy, buoyant country blues about the unpredictability of the heart. Like most of this singer-songwriter’s work, this song disarms the listener with a relaxed, reassuring vocal and sparkling, finger-picking guitar, only to slip in a discomfiting truth. We like to believe we rule our destinies, but Talmadge reminds us that “Sometimes you choose love; sometimes love chooses you.” — By Geoffrey Himes

TRACK LIST: If It Wasn’t For The Wind / Hamburg Violin / Kind of Everything / One Spectacular Moon / It’ll Sure Be Bold Tonight / Molly / Summer Road / Mississippi Moon / He’ll Give Her Back This Town Tonight / Step By Step (As Long As) / It Hasn’t Happened / Sometimes You Choose Love / In The Quiet of Christmas


Live in Norderstedt

LIMITED RELEASE: Available only at live shows or from website.


At Least That Much Was True

Let Her Go

“Memorable melodies… fitted with superb lyrics.”—InsurgentCountry.net

“Brilliantly sung… A genuinely authentic storyteller…”—Real Roots Cafe

TRACK LIST: Never Saw it Go / Let Her Go / Wrong Train / Austin When it Rains / Girl of The North Country / Because of You / Train From Amsterdam / White Cross / So the Blues Would Stay / Scrapbook / Chet Baker Street (Bonus Track)



Driving to Blissville

Washington Island

No. 1—Roots Music Report; Top 20—Americana Music Chart

“One of the best singer/songwriter releases of the year.”      —Good Times

TRACK LIST: 40 Days of Rain / Wild and Precious Thing / Crazy Little Town / Secret Anniversaries / Driving to Blissville / Lie to Me / The Hard Part’s Letting Go / Midnight Flight / Washington Island / A Soldier’s Christmas / Message in a Bottle / Take a Drive With Me / Ophelia


Gravity, Grace and the Moon


Interstate Blues

“A masterpiece”    —SingOut!

“Hands down one of the best folk albums of the year.” —The Phantom Tollbooth

TRACK LIST: Photograph / House On Fire / Interstate Blues / Little Dress / Beyond The Headlights / Inside The Brackets / Chasing Grace / All The Things That She’ll Miss / Everything I Know / If I’d Known You Were Coming / Rose Tattoo / Alfred / I Held A Penny


Bad Tattoo

Bad Tattoo

Lie to Me

“One of the best of 2001.” —Joe Angel, “Random Routes”

“…clever like Lyle Lovett and introspective like Mickey Newberry.” —Dirty Linen

TRACK LIST: Lie to Me / Angels on the Lawn  / You Know Where to Find Me / Bad Tattoo  / Back of My Mind / Haley  / Take a Drive With Me / A Thousand Ways / Ophelia / Closing the Circle / Al’s Roses


The Spinning of the World

The Hard Part’s Letting Go

“Sit back and let the man impress…. The kind of folk everyone can’t help but be touched by.”

—Ben Ohmart, Music Dish Network

TRACK LIST: Message in a Bottle / The Spinning of the World / Advice to a Friend / I Wasn’t Thinking of You / The Man Behind Her Shoulder / The Hard Part’s Letting Go / Jessie’s Blues / You’d Think I Was the Sun / That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love You / First Day Of Winter  / Icing on the Cake


Secret Anniversaries

Secret Anniversaries

“Lyrics as sharp as a cactus spine… a musical picture as pretty and colorful as a Texas sunset.”

—Dan Alloway, KTEP, El Paso

TRACK LIST: Secret Anniversaries / She Will Not Save You / Hold On / Midnight Flight / Choices / Train Sounds Like Tomorrow / Monmouth Country / Here’s A Letter That You Can’t Send Back / A Space So Small / Adeline



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