Reviews: Bad Tattoo

SONGLIST: Lie to Me / Angels on the Lawn / You Know Where to Find Me / Bad Tattoo / Back of My Mind / Haley / Take a Drive With Me / A Thousand Ways / Ophelia / Closing the Circle / Al’s Roses

“Jeff Talmadge’s new album is terrific — better than the last musically and lyrically, and that one was good enough to make our best-of list last year….Jeff is in the same high echelon of Texas performing songwriters as Eric Taylor.”
— Mike Westerfield, Sisyphus Tracks

“[L]istening to him is a lot like listening to Lucinda Williams and Townes Van Zandt.”
—Marq’s Texas Music Kitchen News

“[Jeff Talmadge] is an Austin picker, soft voiced, superior lyricist, and interesting performer.  His dry wit captures audiences….His songs require careful listening, but pay dividends when given undivided attention.”
—Dirty Linen

“Singer/songwriter extraordinaire Talmadge has often been compared to fellow Austin, TX – based musician Lucinda Williams, and I can understand why.  Not for the vocals, which are less avant-garde (though they can be just as fierce), but in the songwriting style, concentrating on the gut-wrenched tales of earth-drifters.  His songs are nearly stories, or perhaps more accurately slice-of-life visions that can soar or break your heart.”
—Shredding Paper