Reviews: The Spinning of the World

SONGLIST: Message in a Bottle / The Spinning of the World / Advice to a Friend / I Wasn’t Thinking of You / The Man Behind Her Shoulder / The Hard Part’s Letting Go / Jessie’s Blues / You’d Think I Was the Sun / That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love You / First Day Of Winter / Icing on the Cake

“More than a storyteller, Talmadge is a poet..,.he joins such artists as Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovett….Talmadge may grow to be a very special artist who in his own time will influence the work of future writers.”
— SoundBytes

“Jeff Talmadge writes mature, meaningful yet still listenable folk songs.  While his lyrics have all the depth, power and subtlety of a seasoned songwriter, they also have a refreshing twist….Finely crafted work!”
— Splendid E-zine

“A classic recording that holds together from start to finish.  Highly recommended.”
— Eddie Russell, Country Eastern Outlaw for Peace Radio

“Songs with thoughtful lyrics and realistic words; commentaries that create music and feelings deep inside our veins….[T]he album has the power to involve the listener in a poetic atmosphere, intimating, creating and making us wonder about each one of the words while listening to this kind gentleman.”
— EuroCountry News]

“As he leads you up to and through the hard truths, you will remain riveted.  You know he knows where you still hurt.”
–, New York

“Good songs and the production on this CD is near perfect.  The cream of the Austin session players are on here.”
— David Pyles, FAME

“The key to this second recording by Austin songwriter Jeff Talmadge is his voice.  It’s smokey and shopworn, almost a whisper at times, but perfect for his tales about the mysteries of love and relationships.”
— Dirty Linen

“Care and craftsmanship are evident throughout – the lyrics are sharp and insightful, wry and witty, the musicianship … is excellent and on the twangy side of folk, and the backing vocals from Iain Matthews and Eliza Gilkyson are a joy.”
— Sue Cavendish,