Reviews: Secret Anniversaries

SONGLIST: Secret Anniversaries / She Will Not Save You / Hold On / Midnight Flight / Choices / Train Sounds Like Tomorrow / Monmouth Country / Here’s A Letter That You Can’t Send Back / A Space So Small / Adeline

“Jeff Talmadge has created in Secret Anniversaries a near perfect album. The songs are beautifully written.
— Rambles, a Cultural Arts Magazine

“Talmadge’s raspy voice and understated guitar playing is the perfect complement to his storytelling….Talmadge has recorded an album with quiet charm that grows on you with each listen.
— Dirty Linen

“This is one of those CDs that inevitably prompts the listeners to call in and say ‘who IS this?’ Very literate, very intriguing, very highly recommended.”
— Suzanne Millsaps, KRCL, Salt Lake City, Utah

“You don’t listen to Talmadge’s original songs as much as slip into his world of sweet regrets, wry memories and poetic insights.  The contemplative pacing and elegant arrangements also contribute to the atmosphere of rueful reflection and sweet, lost chances.”
— Todd DeGroff, Victory Music Review

“This is an intimate, tender, straightforward collection of stories, lovingly composed by someone who obviously knows his way around words.”
— Kevin McCarthy, newsgroup review

“With lyrics as sharp as a cactus spine, Jeff Talmadge paints a musical picture as pretty and colorful as a Texas sunset.”
— Dan Alloway, “Folk Fury,” KTEP

“Jeff Talmadge’s Secret Anniversaries is fantastic!  His songs are mature, touching and wonderfully descriptive.  Combined with Jeff’s deep soothing voice and the beautiful, richly textured music behind it, the effect is captivating., Jeff Talmadge doesn’t simply tell stories, he draws you into them.”
— Burn Yer Radio

“Jeff Talmadge’s new CD … has the power to invoke more unattached yearning than anything since God invented falling stars….Secret Anniversaries is a nearly perfect recording.”
— Hill Country Sun