Reviews: Gravity, Grace and the Moon

SONGLIST: Photograph / House On Fire / Interstate Blues / Little Dress / Beyond The Headlights / Inside The Brackets / Chasing Grace / All The Things That She’ll Miss / Everything I Know / If I’d Known You Were Coming / Rose Tattoo / Alfred / I Held A Penny

“If you’re a sucker for guys like John Prine, Bruce Cockburn and Mark Knopfler . . . you will have a new friend in this American guy. Jeff has a cool voice and he’s sure a good storyteller with cool lyrics and nice melodies. . . . . Jeff is a guy you MUST buy if you love John Prine …and a guy you must check out if you like the other guys . . . .”
Par Winberg, (2005)

“Singer-songwriter Jeff Talmadge works and writes in a vein similar to Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, using a minimal amount of words to convey a larger and thoughtful message . . . . Talmadge proves that he can more than hold his own against Austin’s glut of singer-songwriters.”
Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide

“This is clearly a Texas singer/songwriter and carries on that fine tradition. He can create images like Townes, tunes like Guy Clark, but stays true to Jeff Talmadge. This album moves up a step from his fine last album.
At this rate his next one will be perfect.”
Jason Wesley ~ FolkWax.

“It does not get any better than this fourth release from Austin singer-songwriter Jeff Talmadge. Gravity, Grace, and the Moon is a tour de force of immeasurably   well-crafted songs that envoke the most time-honored elements of the folk music tradition. Filled with unornamented melodies and homespun, ironical lyrics, Gravity, Grace, and the Moon is hands down one of the best folk albums of the year.”
Noel Lloyd – The Phantom Tollbooth

“It’s best if you get out of your own way,” sings Jeff Talmadge in the song “Rose Tattoo” from his latest CD Gravity, Grace and the Moon.  It may not sound like much more than a bit of sagely advice, but when heard in the context of the song — a sparse, sublime ode to life’s mysteries and endless fascinations — it’s enough to knock you on your ass. In fact, listening to Gravity it soon becomes apparent that there’s not a misplaced word on the entire disc…”
Blake Guthrie – Creative Loafing-Atlanta

“(Gravity, Grace and the Moon) is an album that inveigles itself into your sub-conscious, and before you know it it’s the only thing you’ve played for a week. Highly recommended.”
Americana UK Reviews

“A great record to listen to.”
Illie Express (Netherlands)

“This album is a masterpiece; it’s enjoyable from start to finish.”
SingOut! (United States)
Fall 2003

“Among my discoveries of the year … a joy to listen to.”
-Guntram Gudowius, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (United States)
March 2003

“Talmadge is about to end up in the top drawer of the singer-songwriter fraternity. This album has what it takes to achieve Talmadge’s big breakthrough. Classic stuff!”
Ctrl.Alt.Country (Belgium)
March 2003

“His smooth sultry voice has an amazing quality uniquely his own…This CD will surely turn heads.
Story telling with soul…Five stars.”
–Roots Music Report (United States)
April 2003

“Talmadge is one of the better singer/songwriters, who stylistically resembles Eric Taylor and Guy Clark, but with a fresh bluesy touch that we know from Bill Morrisey and Peter Keane…. [A] warm, relaxed baritone, more beautiful than most ….All thirteen songs are great.”
–Heaven (The Netherlands)
August 2003

“Jeff Talmadge is often called Austin’s Best Kept Secret…lyrically he is one of the best, a true poet indeed, and a wonderful storyteller, in league with someone like David Olney, to whom he best may be compared.”
–Bert van Kessel,
May 2003

“This is clearly a Texas singer/songwriter and carries on that fine tradition. He can create images like Townes, tunes like Guy Clark, but stays true to Jeff Talmadge.”
–Jason Wesley, FolkWax (United States)
May 2003

“…an intimate style that invites the listener into the world of his stories….[T]hose who enjoy Jesse Winchester and Greg Brown will likely find much to enjoy…”
–Dirty Linen (United States)
August/September 2003

“…one of the finest performing songwriters out there, combining poesy and ironic insight with fine musicianship.”
–Mike Westerfield, Sisyphus Tracks (United States)
March 2003

“I can’t think of a higher compliment than to compare his albums to volumes of Raymond Carver short stories, and it’s no stretch to imagine them being translated into Robert Altman films or ‘little movies’ by independent film makers.”
–Marquetta Herring, Marq’s Texas Music Kitchen (United States)
February 2003

“…one of Austin’s premier singer/songwriters… [This CD] places him in a breakout position.
The images he draws with his words are exquisite, his phrasing effortless.”
–Bill Groll, (United States)
March 2003

“He sees the most beautiful in the most ordinary things …A real poet just like Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, …of the same class as Dylan, Kristofferson, Lovett, Cohen and Lou Reed.”
–Country Gazette (The Netherlands)
August 2003

“Jeff has some things to say, to tell, to share — and he does it skillfully…This is a really beautiful record.”
Crossroads (France)
March 2003

“Although he’s not under the spotlight, he surely deserves to be… [“Gravity, Grace and the Moon”] is … a real pleasure to hear … cohesive, light and technically perfect.”
—Florent DuFour, (France)
March 2003

“Exquisite lyrics and imagery.”
–Buddy (United States)
July 2003

“Gravity, Grace and the Moon (2003) is Jeff Talmadge at his best. A true poet, the fact that Talmadge expresses that poetry in music simply enhances the fine art of the storyteller that he has mastered.”
—Virginia DeBolt, (United States)
April 2003

“…a musical painter as well as a storyteller. If you enjoy the turn of a good lyric and tunes that are well delivered, then you’ll probably love this album.”
–Rambles (United States)
July 2003

“Another gem from one of the finest songwriters on the present Texas music scene.”
–Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazio (Italy)
March 2003

“Superb songs and great singing. No weak moments.”
–Gerd Stassen, Radio EVW (Germany)
March 2003

“Jeff shines on this beautiful album.”
–Maurice Dielemans, KindaMuzik (The Netherlands)
March 2003

“Jeff is a poet and fine craftsman of words … on the same wavelength as Guy Clark, John Prine and Townes Van Zandt … true and sincere emotions, always turning out inspired.”
–LoneStar Time (Italy)
August 2003

“A wonderful record to listen to.”   (The Netherlands)
August 2003

“Jeff reminds us in his best moments of Townes Van Zandt and John Prine.”
Folker (Germany)
July 2003